The Fees


A basic consultation is charged 40 € exclusive of VAT that is 47, 84 including VAT.
A thorough consultation is charged 135 € exclusive of VAT, that is 161,46 € including VAT.
A fully written juridical work before a trial including technical research into law and jurisprudence, is charged 1500 € exclusive of VAT, that is 1794 € including VAT.


The fees at Maître Francine CHOUKROUN’s office are then charged at the hourly rate of 200 € exclusive of VAT, that is 239, 20 € including VAT.
An estimated fee is given during the first meeting, with all proper and usual reserve, depending
on the particular case.
If an early accurate evaluation of the amount of the services (the work) to be carried out proves possible, then a contract fee may be freely agreed upon.


A result fee may be anticipated ; a written contract fee is then proposed.
Maître CHOUKROUN has chosen to favour the way of mediation agreement and amicable arrangement, whenever the case makes it possible.
Besides, legal proceedings are not always useful for the client who may get a better result through an amicable agreement than through a trial. In that hypothesis, the fee is still owed by the client if, thanks to the barrister’s advice, follow-up and effort the client gets a result as positive as trough legal proceedings.