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Description of this website

This site is intended to describe Maître Francine CHOUKROUN’s activity as a barrister, and to provide general information about it. It applies to anyone considering consulting Maître Francine CHOUKROUN, as well as her own clients.
This site does not offer personalized legal service.
Its aim is to improve-not to replace- the existing relationship between the client (or the site visitor) and his lawyer.
This site does not include any advertising to come out on it.
This site is entirely financed by par Maître Francine CHOUKROUN.
This site respects the usual ethical rules of a barrister’s profession ; no hypertext link is allowed by Maître Francine CHOUKROUN.

The content appearing on this site

is entirely written up by Maître Francine CHOUKROUN ; the information it offers is in accordance with the code of practice of the profession

Discharge of responsibility

The e-mails do not lead to Maître Francine CHOUKROUN’s submission to the Court, and therefore cannot entail the risk of her professional responsibility particularly in the event o a period before appeal and legal proceedings.

A confidentiality clause

The web hosting company does not store any personal information concerning the users of this site
The users of this site can contact Maître Francine CHOUKROUN by e-mail in order to make an appointment. The e-mail address of any person contacting Maître Francine CHOUKROUN in this way will only be used to reply to that person, and will not be kept in a data base.
However, it is worth nothing that, considering the actual nature of Internet, Maître Francine CHOUKROUN can’t guarantee the confidentiality of e-mail messages .So it’s generally advisable to prefer a private interview with one’s lawyer to give personal information, or to use the other means of communication such as the mail.